Rachele Jacobs in the Spotlight

Posted by Team iQ May 1, 2021 in News

Cerritos, CA (April 25, 2021) —Rachele Jacobs, a 3D Visual Artist, designed The Gamers EDU CVL Introduction and the Team iQ Think Tank Showdown Introduction.  Rachele is a senior attending California State University, San Marcos.

While creating these pieces, she primarily uses Blender which is a 3D creation suite.  The Introduction piece was for The Gamers EDU Collegiate Valorant League.  The Think Tank Showdown was also a tournament through the game Valorant.

“I’m drawn to creating things that look like they are science fiction, or out of this world,” says Jacobs.  “I find this easier than realism because it allows me to be creative without any expectations of realism from my audience when they view my work.”

Her 3D work has lead her into contests where she is looking for her work to be showcased in the 3D visual graphic sector.  She will be entering a piece of her work into the MSI Creative Awards Contest.  Some of her other work include creating a Darth Vader helmet, an Allosaurus, and two science fiction crates.    

“All of these projects are 3D modeled, some I had used online tutorials to help me understand the techniques of how to create it, while others I was able to freely create.”

To go into this particular field, Rachele highlights that practice, discipline, and self-motivation are important.  People that are interested in this skill can learn from tutorials on YouTube that are taught by BlenderGuru and Grant Abbitt. 

You can find more about Rachele on her LinkedIn where you can also view some of the work she has done.

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