EliTheCurry and Mira Join the Team

Posted by ruh March 27, 2021 in General

EliTheCurry and Mira LBC have joined Team iQ as partnered content creators in the field of competitive fighting games. Eli first came on as a caster for The Gamers EDU Collegiate Valorant League, but has since decided to join Team iQ to focus more on his passion for the FGC. His girlfriend, Mia, also known and Mira, has also decided to take the leap and join the team as a competitive Street Fighter V player and content creator.

The two have a rich history in the fighting game community and regularly win online and local tournaments. Their hard work and dedication to the craft has not gone unnoticed as they have amassed a friendly group of supporters during their journey. You can catch their entertaining and high skill level gameplay at twitch.tv/mira_lbc.