Dayoman To Speedrun Spyro At Summer Games Done Quick 2021

Posted by Team iQ May 30, 2021 in News

On May 17, 2021, the Games Done Quick organization announced their official schedule for the SGDQ 2021 speedrunning event. Among the selected to be showcased in the event, our Team iQ speedrunner, Dayoman, was chosen to speedrun Spyro the Dragon. Specifically, the Any% category, which requires the player to finish the game from start to finish as quickly as possible.

The basic idea of speedrunning is the act of beating a game as fast as possible. This is usually achieved by utilizing exploits and oversights within the game the were missed by the developers. Casual players would typically take 6 hours to complete Spyro the Dragon in their first playthrough. It takes Dayoman just under 38 minutes.

About Games Done Quick

Games Done Quick is a bi-annual speedrunning marathon that raises money for charitable organizations. The annual events are hosted in the winter (Awesome Games Done Quick) and in the summer (Summer Games Done Quick). For the upcoming SGDQ 2021, they will be raising money for the Doctors Without Borders foundation, who’s mission is to provide medical care around the globe where ever it is needed. Since 1971, Doctors Without Borders has treated tens of millions of people around the world and continues to do so today.

The event will last seven days from July 4 to July 11 with Dayoman being featured as the 6th runner on the schedule. Typically, the Games Done Quick events are hosted in person at hotels in Minnesota and Florida, but due to the COVID-19 pandemic, SGDQ 2021 will be hosted completely online. Games Done Quick event live streams can easily fetch up to 100,000 viewers depending on the speedrunner and the game being played. We hope that Dayoman will be able to experience this exposure and use his unique charm to grow his own stream.

If you’re looking for more of Dayoman’s insanely entertaining content, you can find him on Twitter, YouTube, and Twitch.